• Ben Harper – Lifeline
  • I used to think that absence makes heart grow fonder and stronger, suddenly, I realize how much it can make people quickly turn their backs to you. All of a sudden you’re replaced, others take your place, you’re no longer the one and you’re no longer what you think you are.

    You keep on waiting, because, just few days before, you were asked to manage your passionate attitude. You give, you try to be the best you can be, and you’re always there, willing and never hesitating to lend a hand.

    You’re left on a side, you keep on observing, waiting, anticipating, and then you’re criticized for your unconcern, and your apathy.

    You keep the faith in the one you have been trusting for so long now, you keep the faith in all what you’ve been giving and all the passion you’ve been sharing.

    Times get rough, moods change, but the consent and agreement you have built on all what you’ve been sharing, should get over all these pain and misunderstandings.

    You lose the faith in yourself, your self confidence is becoming scarce, and you put everything on you, and you try to find an answer to all these questionings, and you keep on sinking, sinking to rise no more!

    All the choices you’ve made, all the dreams you’ve built seem to fade away in a glance, you keep on hoping for a single move, a little sign or a tiny wink. But nothing ever comes.

    I keep on breathing and I keep on waiting.

    You know, I do love you, still.

    Just wanted you to know that :

    « Life is too short to wonder
    Who’s gonna make the next move
    And will it slowly pull you under
    When you’ve always got something to prove

    I don’t want to wait a lifetime
    Yours or mine
    Yours or mine
    Can’t you see me reaching for the lifeline
    Your lifeline (x4)

    You say that I misheard you
    But I think you misspoke
    I hear you laugh so loudly
    while I patiently wait for joke

    I don’t want to wait a lifetime
    Not yours
    Not mine
    Can’t you see me reaching for the lifeline
    Your lifeline (x4)

    It’s a crime with only victims
    We’re all laid out in a row
    And it’s hardest to listen
    to what we already should know
    I could hold out for a lifetime
    Yours or mine
    Yours and mine
    Can’t you see me reaching for your lifeline »

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