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Broken wing.


Things to say but no words want to come out.

Things I want to do but I can not.

Too many dreams I want to achieve.

Just one face I want to see.

Smells that still fill up my senses

Sick and tired of saying goodbyes.

I got enough of holding back and still.

Would it one day come out and fulfil

Will I one day know why,

Only one i want to stick by,

Will it come true before I’d die.

Never want to turn off of her eye.

You might think all i do is moan

Like me you know how it is to be alone

My heart freezes, my face would frown

Don’t want to live as I have ever shown

Une réflexion au sujet de « Broken wing. »

  1. ichehar , Publicité ,Pub , werbung et pas méchante

    salut les ami(e)s,
    comme je suis plus disponible pour des raisons innconnus sur l’agregateur des blogs marocains.
    le tribunal des blogs est chez moi alors si ça vous interesse c’est le moment de me poser vos questions

    corrdialement abdou le fou 🙂

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