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I keep wondering,

Why am I so?

Why am I doing this and that?

What am I waiting for?

What do I need?

What am I looking for?

How can I be better?

How can I be understood?

Do I suit you?

Who’s right?

Who’s wrong?

Sometimes I am!

Sometimes you are!

Sometimes I see myself as the best; sometimes I want you to see me so!

Sometimes I see myself as the worst; I can’t help it, I am so!

I wish I could have some magic power, what would I use it for?

Money? I really don’t care!

Fame? The last thing I would seek.

A smile? Yes I think this is it.

It would come when I see yours.

I wish I had wings and fly.

Would you come by?

No, I’m sure there will be a hunter to shout a bullet on us.

I wish I could wake up, there.

I wonder if you care.

One single thing I need.

It is you.

It is true.

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